Thursday, August 11, 2016

Query to get the list of form Personalization

Select Distinct ffcr.Id, ffcr.Form_Name, ffcr.Enabled,
       fft.User_Form_Name,  fat.Application_Name, ffcr.Description,
       ffca.Action_Type, ffca.Enabled, ffca.Object_Type,
       ffca.message_type, ffca.message_text
      FND_FORM ff,
      FND_FORM_TL fft,
      Fnd_Application_Tl fat,
      Fnd_Form_Custom_Actions ffca 
where ffcr.form_name = ff.form_name
 And ff.Form_Id = fft.Form_Id
 And ff.Application_Id = fat.Application_Id
 And fft.User_Form_Name Like 'XXCUST%'
 And ffcr.Enabled ='Y'
 and = ffca.rule_id;

Query to get the list of Custom objects (TABLE, VIEW, PROCEDURE, FUNCTION AND PACKAGE)

select object_name, object_type
 from all_objects
 where 1=1
 and upper(object_type) IN ('FUNCTION','PACKAGE','PROCEDURE', 'VIEW', 'TABLE')
 and status='VALID'
 and object_name like 'XXCUST%'
order by 2;

Query to get List of Custom Form List

SELECT  DISTINCT forms.form_name,
          menu.prompt menu_prompt,
   FROM   fnd_form FORMS,
          fnd_form_tl FORMSTL,
          fnd_form_functions_VL FUNC,
          fnd_menu_entries_VL MENU,
          FND_MENUS FM,
          fnd_responsibility RES,
          fnd_responsibility_tl RESTL
  WHERE   1=1
          and forms.form_id = formstl.form_id
          and func.form_id = forms.form_id
          and menu.function_id = func.function_id
          and menu.menu_id=fm.menu_id
          and res.menu_id = menu.menu_id
          and res.responsibility_id = restl.responsibility_id
          and UPPER(forms.form_name) like '%XXCUST%'      
          order by 1;

Query to get List of Custom Concurrent Programs

SELECT DISTINCT fcp.user_concurrent_program_name "Concurrent Program Name",
 fcp.concurrent_program_name conc_short_name,
 decode( fef.execution_method_code, 'H','Host',
 'I', 'PLSQL Stored Procedure',
 'P', 'Report',
 'L', 'SQL Loader',
 'K','Java Concurrent Program',
 'B','Request Set Stage Function',
 'J','Java Stored Procedure',
 'M','Multi-Language Function',
 fef.execution_method_code) "execution method",
 fcp.description "Concurrent Program Description",
 fef.executable_name"Executable Name",
 fef.description "Executable Description",
 fef.execution_file_name ,
FROM fnd_executables_form_v fef,
     fnd_concurrent_programs_VL fcp,
     fnd_application_tl fa
WHERE fcp.application_id=fef.application_id
  AND fa.application_id=fcp.application_id
  AND fef.executable_id=fcp.executable_id
  AND UPPER(fcp.user_concurrent_program_name) like '%XXCUST%'

Friday, June 24, 2016

Error Accessing the System Registry while opening Oracle workflow Builder - Solved

1.  Right click on Error Accessing the System Registry
2. Go to Properties
3. Click on Compatibility tab
4. Check in "Run this program in compatibility mode for: "
5. Press button Apply or OK
6. Run Oracle Workflow Builder.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Re hire employee using api hr_employee_api.re_hire_ex_employee

create or replace procedure xx_re_hire_emp
   p_person_id number,
   p_hire_date date;
  lp_assignment_id                     per_all_assignments_f.assignment_id%type;
  lp_asg_object_version_number         number;
  lp_per_effective_start_date          date;
  lp_per_effective_end_date            date;
  lp_assignment_sequence               per_all_assignments_f.assignment_sequence%type;
  lp_assignment_number                 per_all_assignments_f.assignment_number%type;
  lp_assign_payroll_warning            boolean;
  lp_object_version_number             per_all_people_f.object_version_number%TYPE ;
  cursor cur_get_ovn is
    SELECT object_version_number
      FROM apps.per_people_x
     WHERE person_id= p_person_id;

 open  cur_get_ovn;
  fetch cur_get_ovn into lp_object_version_number;
 close cur_get_ovn;


  --input data --
   p_validate                      => false
  ,p_hire_date                     => p_hire_date
  ,p_person_id                     => p_person_id
  ,p_rehire_reason                 => 'Hire'
  --output data --
  ,p_assignment_id                 => lp_assignment_id
  ,p_asg_object_version_number     => lp_asg_object_version_number
  ,p_per_effective_start_date      => lp_per_effective_start_date
  ,p_per_effective_end_date        => lp_per_effective_end_date
  ,p_assignment_sequence           => lp_assignment_sequence
  ,p_assignment_number             => lp_assignment_number
  ,p_assign_payroll_warning        => lp_assign_payroll_warning
  ,p_per_object_version_number     => lp_object_version_number