Saturday, October 15, 2016

Error No: 53 File not found Bi Publisher

 Ms Word -->Tools -- > options --> preview tab.

Java home should be selected there, if not select it or update path

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Query to get the list of form Personalization

Select Distinct ffcr.Id, ffcr.Form_Name, ffcr.Enabled,
       fft.User_Form_Name,  fat.Application_Name, ffcr.Description,
       ffca.Action_Type, ffca.Enabled, ffca.Object_Type,
       ffca.message_type, ffca.message_text
      FND_FORM ff,
      FND_FORM_TL fft,
      Fnd_Application_Tl fat,
      Fnd_Form_Custom_Actions ffca 
where ffcr.form_name = ff.form_name
 And ff.Form_Id = fft.Form_Id
 And ff.Application_Id = fat.Application_Id
 And fft.User_Form_Name Like 'XXCUST%'
 And ffcr.Enabled ='Y'
 and = ffca.rule_id;

Query to get the list of Custom objects (TABLE, VIEW, PROCEDURE, FUNCTION AND PACKAGE)

select object_name, object_type
 from all_objects
 where 1=1
 and upper(object_type) IN ('FUNCTION','PACKAGE','PROCEDURE', 'VIEW', 'TABLE')
 and status='VALID'
 and object_name like 'XXCUST%'
order by 2;

Query to get List of Custom Form List

SELECT  DISTINCT forms.form_name,
          menu.prompt menu_prompt,
   FROM   fnd_form FORMS,
          fnd_form_tl FORMSTL,
          fnd_form_functions_VL FUNC,
          fnd_menu_entries_VL MENU,
          FND_MENUS FM,
          fnd_responsibility RES,
          fnd_responsibility_tl RESTL
  WHERE   1=1
          and forms.form_id = formstl.form_id
          and func.form_id = forms.form_id
          and menu.function_id = func.function_id
          and menu.menu_id=fm.menu_id
          and res.menu_id = menu.menu_id
          and res.responsibility_id = restl.responsibility_id
          and UPPER(forms.form_name) like '%XXCUST%'      
          order by 1;

Query to get List of Custom Concurrent Programs

SELECT DISTINCT fcp.user_concurrent_program_name "Concurrent Program Name",
 fcp.concurrent_program_name conc_short_name,
 decode( fef.execution_method_code, 'H','Host',
 'I', 'PLSQL Stored Procedure',
 'P', 'Report',
 'L', 'SQL Loader',
 'K','Java Concurrent Program',
 'B','Request Set Stage Function',
 'J','Java Stored Procedure',
 'M','Multi-Language Function',
 fef.execution_method_code) "execution method",
 fcp.description "Concurrent Program Description",
 fef.executable_name"Executable Name",
 fef.description "Executable Description",
 fef.execution_file_name ,
FROM fnd_executables_form_v fef,
     fnd_concurrent_programs_VL fcp,
     fnd_application_tl fa
WHERE fcp.application_id=fef.application_id
  AND fa.application_id=fcp.application_id
  AND fef.executable_id=fcp.executable_id
  AND UPPER(fcp.user_concurrent_program_name) like '%XXCUST%'

Friday, June 24, 2016

Error Accessing the System Registry while opening Oracle workflow Builder - Solved

1.  Right click on Error Accessing the System Registry
2. Go to Properties
3. Click on Compatibility tab
4. Check in "Run this program in compatibility mode for: "
5. Press button Apply or OK
6. Run Oracle Workflow Builder.